Certificates of Deposit

From short-term to long-term and all products in between, our CDs are designed to help make your investment plan easy, flexible and secure.

No need to commit your money for long periods of time to get a great interest rate. Try a Short-Term CD instead. Regular terms of 3, 6 and 9 months are available, as are special terms designed to meet your specific financial goals.

Lock in a higher rate when you choose a Long Term CD. Choose a term from 1 to 5 years to best meet your future financial needs. Your interest compounds quarterly, and for convenience your CD automatically renews at maturity.

With our 18-month Step CD, you start with a great interest rate and automatically jump to an even better rate every six months. At maturity, your Step CD automatically renews as a traditional 18-month CD for added convenience.

DirectSave automates savings with electronic monthly contributions to your account for an incredibly easy savings plan.

You get a competitive interest rate, a practical 6-month term, convenient monthly statements, and automatic renewal when the account matures. And it only takes a $250 balance to get started.

Take advantage of the opportunity to jump up to higher interest rate one time during the 27-month life of your CD. Start with a great rate. After 6 months, if the current interst rate is higher than what you're earning, you can have your CD jump to that rate. Your CD will conveniently renew for 24 months at maturity.

On the surface, this looks like a fantastic 39-month CD with a great initial interest rate. But it's even better.

Every 13 months, your interest rate is guaranteed to increase — to a pre-determined fixed rate. It's not only a great opportunity for interest earnings, it's convenient too.

Our Jumbo Investment Accounts provide fantastic interest-earning opportunities for those who start with an opening balance of $100,000.00 or more.

Terms from 30 to 365 days are available, and your account conveniently converts to a passbook savings rate upon maturity.
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